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The foundations of Ozler Tarim that has been continuing its activities for 3 generations, were laid in 1982.
Ozler Tarim, that is initially established to market own products all over World, now shipping the products of hundreds of growers to more than 35 countries.
It is one of the most important commercial institutions of Adana with the employment it created more than a thousand people and its great contribution to the export of our country.

From Seed to Fruit

Our Companies

Baler Tarım, Starpak Tarım, Özler Tarım, Plasteks, Tadım, Ozler Group.
It is one of the primary goals of the Group to provide and maintain quality products with vertical integration from variety selection to fruit production, from packaging to marketing and reaching the consumer.

Our Companies

Summer Prim®

Summer Prim is Turkey’s latest harvested lemon.
It can capture a market gap where there is no fresh lemon in its branch, and it can easily compete with Southern Hemisphere lemons that come from much longer routes abroad.


We produce

BALER TARIM, the company that carries out the agricultural production activities of the Özler Group, also grows our own fruits. Since one of our founders, Özbek ÖZLER, was awarded the “Most Technical Farmer” award, we have been constantly raising the bar, aiming to use technology at the highest level in agriculture, to grow higher quality and lower cost products

We produce

Healthy & Good Agriculture

Özler Quality Understanding
For Quality Products

Özler Tarim, that was founded in 1982, has made a name in a short time in the area and today managed to become Turkey’s largest citrus exporter.

The biggest reason for its success

The biggest reason for the success of our company is that it is based on customer satisfaction by prioritizing Quality and Food safety at every stage until the fruits reaches to the markets.

We Practice Modern Agricultural Techniques.

In this context, our partner producer Baler Ziraat fully applies modern agricultural techniques and closely follows technology in agriculture.

It has the GLOBALGAP certificate, which is the European Standard in Agriculture, and fulfills the requirements of this certificate completely. It has 8,000 decares of citrus in the Çukurova region and 6,500 decares of apple orchards in Ulukışla.

First Company to Receive International Certificates

As the first company in its category to receive international certificates on food safety, we have proven our sensitivity to this issue. Our current certificates are GlobalGap, ITU, Grasp, BRC (British Retail Consorcium), FSSC 22000, Sedex. All our products have traceability. In order to better respond to consumer needs, our partner producer Baler Ziraat started growing new citrus varieties. These are the fruits that can last until late period or fruits with extended shelf life. There are also citrus varieties with different flavors.

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